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Knåker Konsepte

My friends wanted an embroidered patch and wanted me to design it. I had so much fun making them and had an excess of ideas so I ended up with a bunch of different designs. Here are most of them.


Here is a screenshot from a previous rice I made on the computer this website is hosted on. I am now trying Linux instead and haven't gotten very far into ricing my system.

Knåker Cards

This is a deck of cards that I and Samuel designed for my upcoming game Knåker Online, where you can play Knåker, but online! The first picture is of a few different cards. The second picture is of the two current back designs. Decks of these cards will be purchaseable whenever I manage to fix my printer, so look forward to that!

Attefall temple

A small temple I designed to fit into the limitations of a swedish "Attefallshus" that can be built without a building permit. Those limits were 25 square meters in area and 4 meters in height when this was designed, but the permitted area was recently increased to 30 square meters. It is an unbilt project, as it would cost approximately 104 million SEK for the materials alone.

Anarchy Raven

A raven I made from steel-wire and papier-mâché.

Maximalist Windows Icon Theme (MWIT)

An icon pack for Windows that I designed using Microsoft Paint. It features 53 stylish and distinguished icons for popular programs such as Visual Studio, Microsoft Teams, Steam, Epic Games, and more. If you think a program is missing, tell me and I'll design an icon.