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I am a web developer and have been since 2017. Other than web development, I make all kinds of designs. You can find some of them on the Design page. My other hobbies include photography, programming, Linux, biking, judo, languages, and piano. I put my photographs on the Gallery page, but the other hobbies haven't quite made it onto this site yet. Maybe I'll write more about some of those here, some day in the future.

This site

I usually use extensive ammounts of JavaScript but I chose to make this website completely without it. You can find the source on GitHub. The fonts used are IM FELL English, which was digitally reproduced by Igino Marini, and Typographer Woodcut Initials One, which was made by Dieter Steffmann.

My story

My first non-trivial project was a game I made on a learn to code-site. It features the “dat boi” meme, which was popular back then. You can try playing it here. I had so much fun making this project that I decided to learn more about JS, HTML, and CSS so that I could go on to developing bigger and better things.

While struggling with learning web design, I discovered Material Design, which I, at the time, thought was brilliant. I was able to make UIs without having to spend my creativity on designing components. It also taught me a lot about design in general and still influences how I think about it today. However, I have since moved on to using more expressive and creative approaches, as you can tell from this site you're viewing. This site is inspired by one of my (many) favorite things, which is old books.

I then experimented a bit with making games again, first in Unreal Engine, which didn't really like, because frankly, it was hard to learn. After a while, I started using Godot instead, and found it very easy, and most importantly, fun to use. I have one project I'm making in Godot that I am releasing soon. It's called Knåker Online, and when it's out, it will be available at Ebin Bellini Games.