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Svartbäcken ljus UF

A company I co-founded together with two of my friends as a part of my high school education. We sell all kinds of candles, and we make them all by hand. I made this website to upgrade our web prescence and enable customers to purchase our products from the comfort of their own homes. Check it out and consider buying a candle or two!

Märit Olofsson Nääs

This is Märit Olofsson Nääs' personal blogpage where she primarily writes about her horse riding. It contains almost 1000 blog posts and even more images, from 2010 to today. I converted it from Silverstripe CMS to Wordpress for her. I kept the design very close to the previous site's but made various improvements and made the site mobile friendly.

SAS Virtual Group

SAS Virtual Group is a virtual airline, which means they use flight simulation software to as accurately as possible simulate real world airlines. SAS Virtual Group in particular only flies the same routes and aircrafts as the real-life airline SAS. This website helps them submit reports of their flights, track how much they fly, view the available routes, view announcements from the virutal airline's staff, and more, all in one place.


Runyonii is a web app where you can chat with a friend or groups of them. It features offline persistence, which means it caches it's contents so that it can be accessed without the internet. It can send notifications when you recieve messages. Runyonii will soon be deprecated and replaced by Echeveria, which does not use firebase, unlike Runyonii.

Ebin Weather Monitor

This a simple program that allows you to view the weather at many different airports around Sweden. It pulls METAR data from the internet and converts it to a human readable format with icons for easier scanning. You can view the weather directly in your browser or you can download applications for Linux/X11, Windows, and Android.